LotWAN WAN Optimization Solution

High-performance Acceleration Engine for Enterprise WAN

About LotWAN

LotWAN is an appliance or appliance software on a server that runs in front of application servers to improve data transmission performance from server to remote users. LotWAN integrates with multiple WAN optimization technologies such as TCP optimization, data compression, byte caching and end-to-end intelligent traffic control to overcome low throughput issue caused by packet loss and unstable latency on the network path. With LotMobile installed on the client side, LotWAN implements symmetric data transmission acceleration, which can guarantee fast and stable end-to-end application delivery and significantly improve overall user experience.

Powered by AppEx ZetaTCP technology, LotMobile software can significantly improve user experience for video, gaming, social networks and other applications on client devices like PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. LotMobile software can be used with LotWAN WAN optimization solution to implement symmetric acceleration and dramatically improve the speed of file transfer, email delivery and data synchronization with Cloud.

Overall Acceleration

LotWAN is integrated with multiple WAN optimization technologies like TCP optimization, data compression, byte caching and end-to-end intelligent traffic control to guarrantee reliable and high-perforamnce application delivery for end users.

High Flexiblity

Support single/dual-ended deployment to impletement asymmetric/symmetric acceleration.

Easy to Deploy

Due to the feature of simplicity and scalability, LotWan can be deployed in minutes without any changes to other devices in user's network. Hundreds and even thousands of application/content servers can be supported behind the LotWan appliance.

AppEx sent us everything pre-configured, it was easy to implement and required very little training. We also didn't have to make any changes to our network. The hardware appliance is located in our data center and the implementation was transparent to our users and seamless with existing applications.

Patrick Williamson, Senior IT Manager, vRad


LotWAN has been widely used in the industries like IT, education, media and telecommunication to enhance the quality of service.

Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.